Private Wealth Management

At Platinum Consulting we take a different approach to Private Wealth Management. We start with you, your aspirations and your wealth, not just the numbers. Our unique approach is designed to help you manage the financial needs you have today, while growing and developing your wealth so that you have the means to truly own your life.

We embrace wealth in all its facets, and while it is not confined to financial planning, protecting, growing and preserving your assets is certainly a core component. To assist you in achieving your wealth goals, we provide professional advice and customised solutions through a range of excellent products.

We believe that financial planning advice is part of a comprehensive, ongoing partnership between you and your Wealth Adviser, which adapts and changes to suit your real needs. The process takes into consideration your income, expenses, investments and debt; your short-term and long- term goals such as paying for education or retiring comfortably; your taxes and financial risks such as disability and death; and leaving a legacy.

Together we believe that we can help you take control of your financial future and ensure that you own your life.

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